Job Description/Requirements


The behavioral competencies of the job include the ability to:

  • Work within a technical or specialist area of expertise in order to continuously improve the quality of the service and/or product provided.
  • Develop and comply with the systems, procedures, rules, objectives, and timescales set by the organisation and adopt a disciplined approach when undertaking tasks.
  • Evaluate situations, calculate and reduce risk, justify and defend accuracy, give reasons for views, and generally provide shrewd judgment in any situation.
  • Introduce monitoring systems that identify whether individuals or the organisation are achieving their objectives, as well as any variances in terms of goals and timescales.
  • Ensure that corrective action plans are formulated and implemented.
  • Lead, encourage, develop and support others in order for them to attain their objectives.
  • Provide a positive and innovative work environment and encourage people to accomplish tasks.
  • Focus and drive to achieve targets, budgets, and results.
  • Assert authority when necessary and strive to work within timescales and deadlines in order to overcome problems.
  • Bring a sense of urgency to situations, demonstrate a proactive approach, and be willing to become involved in order to increase the pace and achieve goals and objectives.
  • The Job Profile calls for a person who has a perfectionist approach to situations and enjoys researching facts and information. The job holder should be capable of communicating with others in an analytical manner within a technical area of expertise. The achievement of results and the need to be involved in a variety of tasks that call for accuracy and attention to detail are aspects of the job. Standard operating procedures, adherence to rules and systems, and the ability to maintain quality and standards are also important.
  • The job holder should be conventional, consistent, adaptable, precise, careful, active, alert, self-starting, inquisitive, friendly, and confident within a specific area of expertise. If the best results are to be achieved from this position then a clear description of the requirements will be essential to the job holder.


  • Minimum academic qualification of First Degree
  • At least 5 years of relevant banking experience

Professional Competencies:


  •  Credit Skills
  •  Financial Analysis
  •  Negotiation
  •  Customer Needs Identification
  •  Marketing & Sales
  •  Customer Relationship Management  Communication


  • Knowledge of Banking Operations
  • Product Knowledge
  • Business Presentation Skills

Behavioral Competencies:

  • Result Oriented
  • Team Player
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Self Confidence
  • Self Starting
  • Self Controlled

Organizational Competencies:

  • Ethics & Values
  • Attention to Detail
  • Continuous Learning  Drive for Results
  • Time/Self Management