Job Summary
This job involves using radiation and other medical imaging procedures to assess and diagnose clients for a variety of injuries and diseases. It includes client evaluation and testing, providing diagnostic and evidentiary data for physicians.

Minimum Qualification:Degree
Experience Level:Mid level
Experience Length:2 years
Job Description/Requirements

Develop optimal radiologic techniques or plans and evaluate resulting radiographic images;
Carryout x-rays, mammography, computerized tomography, electrocardiography, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound, and other medical imaging procedures, for which you have been trained and certified, to examine clients
Work closely with a wide range of other healthcare professionals both internal and external;
Assess client’s clinical requirements to determine appropriate radiographic techniques;
Perform a range of radiographic examinations on clients to produce high-quality images;
Observe and maintain contact with clients during their waiting, examination, and post-examination stay in the department and within the organization;
Assist in more complex radiological examinations; working with radiologists and doctors;
Provide support and reassurance to clients, taking into account their physical and psychological needs;
Record imaging identification and client documentation quickly and accurately and observe protocols to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act and client confidentiality;
Supervise assistant practitioners, IT students and deliver appropriate education and training;
Observe health and safety rules at work and welfare issues, including ionizing radiation regulations, to protect yourself and others;
Ensure that equipment is regularly checked for malfunctions and any faults are reported instantly;
Explain diagnostic procedures to clients;
Help the client remove jewelry or other items which may interfere with the procedure
Position the client correctly for the diagnostic procedure;
Place protective shields on or around the client to protect him/her from any stray radiation and administer any drugs or chemical mixtures needed for the medical imaging;
Set up medical imaging equipment, position it correctly, and perform the actual procedure;
Maintain and assist in repairing diagnostic equipment;
Keep accurate clients record and filing films and scans;
Communicate with referral doctor any reason for a change in prescribed investigation e.g. pelvic scan to TVS and or any finding(s) requiring professional discussion via telephone or invite referral doctor to come with patient to observe the investigation physically;
Endeavour to use your lab coat at all times while on duty;
Perform any other functions, duties, or assignments that may be given to you by the Managing Director or any other authorized member of the Company’s staff

Bachelor’s degree in medical imaging/radiography or associate’s degree in radiologic technology, currently practicing radiography and ultrasonography licenses, and registration with RRBN
2 + years of work experience as a radiographer
Attention to detail
IT skills
Teamwork ability
Remuneration: NGN 100,000 – 250,000