Job Description/Requirements


  • Devise procedures and processes to inspect and report production quality issues
  • Assure the reliability and consistency of product quality by checking processes and final output
  • Prevent normalisation of deviation
  • Monitor all operations and processes that affect the quality
  • Supervise and guide workforce, inspectors, technicians and other staff on the correct processes and standard in the performance of their duties
  • Intervene and ensure corrective actions are taken to address deviations.
  • Report all deviations and non-compliances to Executive Management (EM) for further actions.
  • Investigate quality assurance incidences and prescribe recommendations to prevent similar occurrence.
  • Facilitate proactive solutions by collecting and analysing quality data
  • Review current practices and develop Standard Production operating Procedure (SPOP)
  • Keep records of quality reports, statistical reviews, and relevant documentation
  • Liaise with the company Veterinary Doctors for quality improvement advice and infection preventative measures
  • Ensure legal standards and regulatory are met
  • Enforce compliance with Biosecurity measures in the farm
  • Coach and train staff on quality measures and practices
  • Maintain record and analysis of none-conformances with standard processes and procedures.


  • Minimum academic qualification of an HND in Animal Science Production Technology
  • 3 years of experience length in a similar sector


  • % of product defects
  • Frequency Customer Complaints
  • Severity of defects
  • Number and severity of observations from Regulatory Agencies and External Auditors
  • Number of daily corrective actions taken
  • Net-Promoter Customer Survey Score >85%
  • Mortality rate.